Vučić uses fear-mongering and violates anti-COVID measures

Visiting the construction site of the new COVID hospital in the military complex in Batajnica, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, once again violated the restrictive anti-corona measures prescribed by the government’s Crisis Unit.

In the President’s presence were also workers and journalists, photojournalists, cameramen, as well as his entourage, the Ministers of Defence and Health Nebojša Stefanović and Zlatibor Lončar respectively and their entourage, the Mayor of Belgrade Zoran Radojičić and Deputy Goran Vesić, the Director of EPS Milorad Grčić, together with a considerable number of military personnel.

A few days ago, the newly appointed minister and member of the Crisis Unit, Darija Kisić Tepavčević, informed the public about a new measure of banning gatherings of more than 5 people.

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“The ban on gathering at public events refers to different types of celebrations, congresses, and seminars. Gathering of more than 5 people can take place only if each person is guaranteed to have at least four square metres of space, which means that the distance between people must be two meters,” said Kisić Tepavčević, making it clear that that was not a recommendation, but a measure regulated by law and therefore punishable.

Considering that, during Vučić’s visit to the construction site, the measure of physical distancing was not respected, as confirmed by the photos, it is clear that President Vučić violated the measure.

At the beginning of his speech to the press, Vučić said that “up until 10 pm today, we have 1,500 people infected and tomorrow there will be 3,000 or even more”, appealing to the citizens to behave in a responsible manner and reject conspiracy theories about the coronavirus being a hoax.

(Pravda, 11.11.2020)

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