Vučić tried to resign eight times as SNS head – Will he do it this time?

The president of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), Aleksandar Vučić, called an extraordinary meeting of the party’s assembly for May 27, and previously announced that he would resign from the position of the head of SNS, but would remain a member.

This is not the first time that Vučić has announced his resignation from the position of the party leader. Will he really do it now and what is the meaning behind the numerous announcements that he will cede the leadership of the ruling party to someone else?

Judging by the earlier announcements of stepping down, which never materialized,  and the party membership demanding that he stays the president, it may be easy to conclude what will happen this time as well, despite the fact that the latest announcement about resignation sounded more serious than any before.

Vučić announced the imminent formation of the People’s Movement for the State, on June 28, which he would helm. Before that, he said at the meeting at SNS, on May 27, that he would step down from the leadership position in the party and pointed out that he did not know who will be his successor, because there are three or four candidates, albeit not such public figures.

“The movement that he will form will probably only be a replacement for his position as party president. So, even if he resigns as the head of the SNS, he will still be the main decision-maker, because SNS or the people from the SNS will join the new movement. All the decisions made by this movement will be followed by the SNS members which means that he will not be the SNS president only formally, but will keep all the power,” says journalist Vojislav Milovančević.

(N1, 28.04.2023)

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