Vucic to step down as SNS president as of next year

Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic, has confirmed that he would not lead the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) as of next year, since “a man should know when is the time to go,” the Beta news agency reported.

He added he could remain president for the next ten years because “no political opponent could come close to him”, but announced that he would withdraw from the position earlier.

Speaking at Radio and Television of Serbia (RTS), Vucic said he did not “underestimate” anyone, but was only referring to the results.

„As far as my stepping down is concerned, there is no doubt that, as of next year, someone else will lead the SNS,“  he said, adding he already had announced he would not run for the post at the next party‘s elections and that „that‘s not a secret.“

„A man should know when it‘s time for certain changes to happen, and not identify himself with the state and think he is the only one for the job,“ Vucic told RTS.

Asked how his withdrawal might affect the party due to the political weight he carried, Vucic said he would continue helping the SNS.

„I think that SNS is the best political party, and I‘ll try to help it win general elections,“ he added.

(N1, 08.07.2019)

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