Vučić to step down as party president on 27th May

The president of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), Aleksandar Vučić, announced that he would be stepping down as the party president on May 27th from and pointed out that he does not know who will be his successor, but that there are two or three possible candidates.

“I believe that on May 27 we will elect a new SNS leadership. I should not be president from then on”, said Vučić in an interview for Prva TV and added that he plans to form a new nationwide people’s movement on, June 28th.

“I am going to form the People’s Movement for Serbia close to June 28th, but I will remain an SNS member, although I hope that we will elect a new leadership. The new movement will be bigger than SNS and I would like to include those people who are not in SNS. I don’t know yet who will replace me at the head of the party, but what I do know is that some members who no longer hold positions in state bodies will probably leave SNS,” the Serbian president said.

When asked how he would respond to the opposition members who challenged his legitimacy, the president said that he would suggest the initiation of a relevant constitutional procedure.

“If they vote in favour of my legitimacy being questionable, we will go to a referendum to see if the people want their president to be removed from his duty. I will be president as long as the people want me, and when the people think that I am a traitor, a thief and that I do not fight for their interests, then I will stop being president,” said Vučić.

(Danas, 21.04.2023)

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