Vucic to possibly meet with Volkswagen next week?

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has stated that “there will be contact with Volkswagen maybe as soon as next week”, regarding the company’s investment in Serbia.

He added that a total of five countries were candidates for the location of the next VW factory.

“I might be in contact with them by the end of next week”, Vucic added.

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He said during his appearance on Pink TV that “Serbia is a stronger and more stable country for Volkswagen than all the other countries interested in the investment, namely Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria and one other unnamed country.

According to earlier media reports, German carmaker Volkswagen has decided to build a factory in Serbia and the first cars to come out of it are expected in 2023.

The daily said the world’s largest car manufacturer opted for Serbia, thus rejecting Romania, Turkey, North Macedonia and Bulgaria.

The investment is allegedly worth 1.4 billion euro, the factory is supposed to have 5,000 workers and an annual output of 300,000 cars. The German daily, Deutsche Welle, on the other hand, wrote that Volkwagen‘s favourite was Bulgaria.

 (N1, 18.03.2019)



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