Vucic to pardon some of the arrested protestors

Serbian pro-government media reported on Monday that President Aleksandar Vucic had asked the judiciary to pardon and free all the protestors who were arrested and sentenced over the incident at the state TV station (RTS) and the protest in front of the presidency building.

The RTS added that Vucic said he would never pardon the people who brought a chain saw to the protest or those who attacked the riot police.

The Tanjug news agency said it had been told by unspecified sources “from the president’s cabinet” that Vucic had requested the release of the arrested protesters.

Earlier, the Alliance for Serbia, leader Dragan Djilas called the president to free the arrested protestors, or face peaceful protests and vigils in front of the presidency building.

The police confirmed the arrest of 18 protesters, including a high school student whose classmates protested, demanding his release.

Students and professors of the Philology High School in Belgrade have been protesting, demanding the release of their fellow student, Pavle Cvejić, who was arrested on Sunday morning for participating in civil protests. They want Pavle to be released within 48 hours, or they would invite other students and professors to join the protest.

(Danas, 18.03.2019)



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