Vučić to give a set of vitamins to pensioners for free

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić has announced new state aid in the amount of 110 euro for pensioners, to be disbursed by the end of the year, adding that they will also receive a package with some medicines to help their immune system, such as zinc, vitamins C and D3.

Milan Ćulibrk, editor-in-chief of NIN weekly, says that the state has taken several thousand euro from those very pensioners and that not even 3% of that stolen money has been returned to them, yet, the state finds it fitting to give those pensioners gifts as part of a populist policy, which, in the past, just before the election.

On his Instagram profile, the Serbian President showed the bag with the contents of what pensioners should receive as a gift from the state, underlining that it is a “small gesture of gratitude”.

“Dear pensioners, this is the first bag of gifts that you will be receiving shortly. When you receive a gift from your country it is because you have done a lot, built this country and left it for future generations to enjoy. In the bag are packets of zinc, vitamin D3 and vitamin C. All good vitamins and minerals to boost the immune system and help the body,” Vučić explained in the video message.

The President took the opportunity to reiterate that pensioners will receive 30 euro two times (as well as other citizens), in addition to additional 50 euro in November.

NIN’s editor-in-chief sees this as a repetition of the same mistake. He recalls that economists had already warned last year that it was not a good decision to allocate 100 euro to everyone, regardless of their social status.

“This financial aid is all part of the election campaign because it turned out that the economic effects the government was referring to were not so obvious and clear,” concludes Ćulibrk.

(Nova, 05.04.2021)


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