Vučić to announce drastic measures for the country on Wednesday

Without changing the electoral conditions, Vučić has the upper hand while the opposition will throw itself into an election campaign, still not united. The overall atmosphere is dangerously charged against SNS so it is difficult to predict whether Vučić would be unpleasantly surprised by the opposition’s successes.

That is why the President of Serbia will offer the public bait on Wednesday in the form of “big and important news for citizens” (to quote him). This is what analysts say about Vučić’s announcement and upcoming developments on Serbia’s political scene.

Vučić will also have a very important meeting with Prime Minister Ana Brnabić, who has expressed her readiness to resign from that position if required, while on Thursday, Aleksandar Vučić will participate in a meeting with the PM and government ministers to discuss “incredibly important decisions that will determine our country’s future”.

Some media have speculated that Vučić is ready to call elections or government reshuffle. Pro-regime media outlets report that Vučić allegedly said at a meeting with the Prime Minister and other close associates that he would not hand over power without elections first taking place.

Vučić’s response to the massive civil and opposition protests called Serbia against Violence was to offer talks with the opposition and elections, but the opposition has rejected those proposals and demanded the fulfillment of its demands.

Political analyst Mladen Mrdalj says that at the moment, Vučić is faced with a dilemma, because the early elections are a double-edged sword.

“Without changing the electoral conditions, primarily the ones related to media reporting, he (Vučić) has the upper hand while the opposition will embark on an election campaign disunited. On the other hand, the current atmosphere is heavily charged against the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), so at the moment, it is difficult to predict whether Vučić will be in for an unpleasant surprise if the opposition wins,” Mrdalj adds.

“If he separates the state election from the Belgrade one, and schedules the parliamentary election for this autumn, SNS will fail on all fronts. I expect that Vučić will invite the opposition to talks while focusing on the responsibility towards the raging crisis in Kosovo, which would put part of the responsibility on the opposition too,”  points out Mrdalj.

(Danas, 06.06.2023)

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