Vucic: “The Stefanovic affair is a fabrication”

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has said that the affair involving Branko Stefanovic, father of Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic, namely his involvement in the alleged corruption case in the Krusik factory and arms trafficking, was a fabrication.

Vucic said that “the opposition is conducting a brutal campaign against the people in power and that one example of this is the Krusik factory informant, Aleksandar Obradovic”. He added that “only those people who go to a state body or the prosecutor’s office to actually report wrongdoing can be considered a whistleblower and he (Obradovic) has not done so.”

Vucic added that Obradovic did not say there were wrongdoings in the Krusik Company itself and that the story has nothing to do with Nebojsa Stefanovic.

The President said that “the opposition’s campaign is brutal and that the campaign has created a certain silent sect within the Serbian Progressive Party”.

He reiterated that the stories about him offering “half a million of something” to the president of the Free Citizens’ Movement (PSG), Sergej Trifunovic to participate in the upcoming election should be examined by the competent authorities.

Speaking of the attack on journalist Olivera Jovicevic, Vucic said that “no-one in the government has called the journalist and other women prostitutes and it is not normal not to condemn that”. He added that “three of the four people, who burned the book of Deputy Belgrade Mayor Goran Vesic, are known to the police and were spotted during the #1in5 million protests.

Speaking of Kosovo, Vucic also excluded any possibility of Belgrade’s recognition of Kosovo’s independence within the existing borders, adding the Berlin and Belgrade saw the border with ex-province differently.

(Nedeljnik, 21.10.2019)


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