Vučić: “The percentage of newly infected is extremely good. I expect the vaccine by the year-end.”

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, said that the meeting with representatives of Priština in Washington has been postponed until 3-4 September to allow, if necessary, the President of the United States Donald Trump to attend.

Vučić added that the health situation in Serbia is better than in the whole region, Europe and the world, and that he expects the vaccine against COVID-19 to be developed by the end of the year.

Citing the latest data, according to which 52 patients are on ventilators, he estimated that hospitals are not under so much pressure now, as less than 1,200 patients are currently hospitalized and the percentage of newly infected people is “extremely good”.

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“The percentage of infected people is lower today than yesterday. Although, the percentages relating to the number of people with coronavirus are quite low, we must continue to be careful, but we also have to continue living and working as usual,” Vucic added.

Speaking about the COVID-19 vaccine, he said that the vaccine would be available in Serbia only when the relevant experts assess it was safe to use.

“I expect their findings to be presented in the next three months,” he predicted.

Vučić said that hotels in smaller towns will soon receive financial aid in the amount of 500 euro per bed.

Speaking about the next meeting in Washington with Priština officials, the Serbian President confirmed the postponement of the date to 3 and 4 September to give time Donald Trump to attend. At the same time, Vučić is concerned about the topic of conversation in Washington and Brussels, i.e. Kosovo and Metohija.

(Nedeljnik, 23.08.2020)

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