Vucic: “Tectonic changes for Kosovo Serbs”

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that the latest events in Kosovo have led to “huge political, almost tectonic changes”.

Speaking live on Pink TV, Vucic said that the decision by the Serbs to walk out of Kosovo institutions is historic.

“Every time that Pristina failed to fulfill an obligation and tramped on the Brussels Agreements … the Serbs wanted to walk out of Kosovo institutions,” he said adding that he stopped them from doing that at least 20 times. He also called Kosovo Serb judges and prosecutors not to quit but refused to discuss the reasons.

Vucic said he was skeptical about the Serbs quitting institutions but added that this had to happen following the failed negotiations with the authorities in Pristina over the license plates issue.

According to the Serbian President, the situation in Kosovo will calm down “if the Americans are fair and if KFOR and EULEX do the job of the police in the north” but said he was afraid of a catastrophe if the Albanians do that job.

The President of Serbia cited the three key reasons why Serbs have decided to no longer be involved in the work of Kosovo authorities – the Community of Serbian Municipalities (SZO) has not been formed, Pristina insisting on Serbs using Kosovo car number plates and replacement of Nenad Djuric (a police commander working in north Kosovska Mitrovica).

Vucic also said that he does not think that the Americans care about the conflict, on the contrary.

“Why would the Americans need a conflict now? They don’t. They behaved more correctly than many Europeans,” he said.

The Serbian president also said that if the Americans were smart and fair, they would tell KFOR and EULEX that they would be in charge of reaching peace in the north of Kosovo.

(B92, 06.11.2022)

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