Vucic: Talks with Pristina will continue u September

Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic said on Tuesday that the Berlin meeting, between Belgrade and Pristina, would continue in September after the French head of state Emmanuel Macron said on Monday a solution might be expected in few months, the Beta news agency reported.

Vucic said “some time is needed to discuss certain issues again. “I hate to throw the ball into other’s court and talk about the tax (Pristina introduced on goods from Serbia and Bosnia last November) and other things. Let’s wait for the great powers to do their job and then we’ll come out with our plan,” Vucic said.

He also said that “we must know that others do not always have the same position as we do, but e must learn to accept it.”

“Yesterday, we (Vucic and Macron) had a meeting that lasted more than five hours after the official part, we talked again and again and I asked for France’s support. It is important to have such support in such a moment that is crucial for Serbia,” the president added.

Asked by the press what when did he expect the meeting with the representatives of Pristina to take place, the Serbian president said September or October.

He said that he would continue to support a compromise (with Pristina).

“Compromise is not weakness, it is a strength. I won’t stop trying to reach a real compromise, and not surrender. If we do not succeed, someone will have to succeed after us. We buy weapons because we do not want anyone to attack us, but we do not want wars,” replied the President.

“All of us in the region must develop better relations”

“We need to change and overcome the position that we are the best, and all the others are against us,”, Vucic said after a joint interview with the French President Emmanuel Macron with young people of the six Western Balkan countries

Vucic told the reporters that “we need to focus on the region, to build the best possible relations and to get the most out of them.”

“(If we do that), the EU’s next move will be much less important to us than it is today,” Vucic concluded.

(Telegraf, 16.07.2019)



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