Vucic: State to give pensioners 20,000 dinars as a gift

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said that in February and early March of 2022 at the latest, pensioners will receive 20,000 dinars as a “state gift”, and before that there will be a significant increase in pension, “of more than five percent”.

Serbia’s growth rate in the second quarter was 13.4 percent, and if you add up the previous year and this year, we will have a GDP growth of six percent, Vučić told the Radio and Television of Serbia.

By September this year, pensioners will receive 50 euro from the state budget, in mid-November they and all other adult citizens will be given 30 euro, and in mid-December, another 20 euro will be paid out to adult Serbian citizens from the state budget.

He pointed out that GDP growth of about seven percent is expected this year, and the budget deficit is significantly smaller than planned. Vučić also stated that the Serbian budget had a surplus of 60 billion dinars in June and July, and the total surplus in the first seven months of this year was 198 billion, although the budget review previously envisaged a “surplus in cash” of only 38.5 billion, which was approved by the IMF and the National Parliament.

He also expects the average salary to be 613 euro at the beginning of next year.

When asked about the destiny of Geox’s workers in Vranje who lost their jobs due to the factory’s closure, Vučić said that the government was negotiating with four investors who might be able to take the Geox workers.  

Speaking about the minimum wage, Vučić said that it would be increased to 35,012 dinars or 300 euro.

(Blic, 01.08.2021)



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