Vucic: Political solution for Kosovo our national priority

Speaking in New York on Thursday at the UN General Assembly, Vucic said that his address would be dedicated mostly to Serbia, “a country that has a growing reputation in the world.”

Vucic said that he was speaking for the first time in the capacity of Serbia’s president, that he carefully listened to previous speakers, who all spoke about peace and stability, but also often accused others. 

He said this would not be his approach, and would speak about Serbia and its progress, reforms, and “the fact that the world is accepting and embracing Serbia again” – but also that he would not “patronize his people” – because “we have already won all our internal political battles.” 

“Today I would particularly like to refer to the political issues in the region and Belgrade’s relations with Pristina. Having in mind the paramount importance of this issue for the Republic of Serbia, I will underline once again that reaching a political solution for the issue of Kosovo and Metohija is a national priority for Serbia,” Vucic said, and added: 

“It’s an issue that has a huge effect on our economy, but also on a clear future of the young people both in Serbia and in the entire region.” 

You all know that we do not recognize the unilateral declaration of independence of the so called “Kosovo,” he continued -” but I will not speak about disrespect for our territorial integrity and sovereignty, instead speak about our efforts to resolve the problem.” 

See full text of Vucic’s address

(b92, 22.09.2017)

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