Vucic offers for Serbia to host the next One Belt, One Road summit

Serbian PM and president elect, Aleksandar Vucic has suggested for the next One Belt, One Road summit to take place in Serbia.

“We have already done a lot in the bilateral cooperation with our Chinese friends”, Vucic said in Beijing at the “One Belt, One Road for International Cooperation” forum. He also said that he agreed with Chile and Greece’s proposal about forum taking place once a year or once every two years. “We are one of the smallest countries here so I am free to offer for the next summit to take place in Serbia. I know that this is not particularly humble of me but you are more than welcome to Serbia”, Vucic said.

He went on to say that “the key words we could use to describe the initiative are links and being connected – by that I mean new infrastructure projects, airports, bridges, and ways of establishing better ties among our countries.”

“It would be a great success if we implement two or three projects with our Chinese partners out of a dozen or so that we have been negotiating about here”, said Serbian president elect.

Vucic addressed heads of state and government of 28 countries and three heads of international organizations – the UN, the IMF and the World Bank – and proposed that the next Belt and Road Forum be held in Serbia. 

After his speech, the Chinese President, Xi Jinping pointed out that Serbia has been investing a lot in cooperation in infrastructure and that he country has been progressing constantly. “I appreciate your active involvement in advancement of our cooperation in infrastructure, Prime Minister Vucic”, the Chinese President said.

This week, Serbian government is supposed to make a decision to form a national council in charge of cooperating with Russia and China with Tomislav Nikolic at its helm. Nikolic’s term in the office expires on 31st May so he could start working in his new position in two weeks’ time. Since this body hasn’t been formed as yet, there is no information as to its seat. As the Politika daily finds out, the council will work on several cooperation avenues between Serbia and these two countries.

(Politika, 15.05.2017)

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