Vučić: “Serbia has understood Germany’s message”

During his official visit to Germany, where he met with the new German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, President Aleksandar Vucic said that Serbia would not be the cause of any problems and the Western Balkans will continue to be peaceful and stable.

Speaking at a joint news conference with Scholz, Vucic said that the two officials discussed the war in Ukraine and regional relations, adding that the talks were very open. “I don’t think only one side is to blame for the problems in Bosnia and Herzegovina but I promised Scholz that Serbia won’t be the cause of any problems. When we promise something, we keep our word and in that regard, I can say that the Western Balkans will continue to be peaceful and stable,” he said.

Vucic added that the German chancellor was very clear about his country’s views and demands. “Serbia has a different view of Kosovo which is why we have a lot of other problems…. We will do everything to reach a compromise solution,” he said.

Serbian President recalled that Serbia was under sanctions for a whole decade which is why official Belgrade has a different attitude towards sanctions. “We understood Germany’s message,” he said and added that there was no doubt that Serbia chose to be on the road to the EU membership. “The Serbian leadership will support that path,” Vucic said.

Scholz told the media that Germany supports Serbia’s EU accession efforts. He also said that the key issue discussed at his meeting with Vucic was the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue. “That dialogue is of huge importance both to the peace and stability of southeastern Europe and the integration of both countries,” he said. unilateral moves are not beneficial,” he said.

According to Scholz, the German government supports the accession of the six Western Balkans countries to the EU. “Germany supports Serbia’s accession process with expertise and project financing,” he explained. Scholz went on to say that candidate countries have to defend common values in hard times, adding that it’s important for everyone to send the same message and not accept the war being waged by Russia against Ukraine.

Scholz added that it’s very important that the EU has noted the fact that Serbia very clearly supported the EU’s stand on the war in Ukraine in the UN General Assembly.

(Nova, N1, 04.05.2022)




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