Vucic: Serbia doesn’t have natural gas but it has lithium

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev arrived on Wednesday on an official visit to Serbia.

Before the visit of President Aliyev, a Serbia-Azerbaijan business forum was held in Belgrade this week, where it was underlined that the economic and political relations between the two countries have been constantly improving and that the visit of the President of Azerbaijan will further develop those relations and open a new page in cooperation.

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, said that Serbia has a lot in common with Azerbaijan and that we are elevating the partnership to a new higher level.

He also said that the two countries should cooperate more in the energy sector since Azerbaijan is “the superpower in the production and export of gas”.

“In 7-8 years, they (Azerbaijan) will export more than 35 billion cubic meters of gas per year. Today, the country exports 22 billion. That is why we are building an interconnector between Serbia and Bulgaria so that we can buy more of their gas,” the Serbian president went on to say.

He added that they also discussed the shortage of fertilizers, military-technical cooperation, and cooperation in the field of agriculture…

“Serbia is a small country. We don’t have natural gas, but we do have lithium. We are also ‘geniuses’ and the only country that abandoned lithium production. We will protect our country, and we always know who are our sincere friends. We will always work with them”, he concluded.

(B92, 23.11.2022)

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