Vucic: Serbia against Pristina’s decisions about Trepca

The Serbian government on Tuesday decided to annul all the legal consequences of acts and actions by the interim self-government institutions in Pristina regarding the factual and legal position of the Trepca mining complex, PM Aleksandar Vucic said.

“We were compelled to make such a decision as we want Trepca to continue to operate,” he told a press conference.

Trepca is vital for the survival of nothern Kosovo-Metohija, Vucic noted.

He added the Serbian government had, for the most part, accepted a proposal by its Office for Kosovo-Metohija.

“There are 600-1200 people working at Trepca at this moment, with 3,000 relying on budget funding. Within Trepca, we have two mines that are open in the north – Belo Brdo and Crnac – and both are predominantly situated in central Serbia,” Vucic said.

Serbian PM Aleksandar Vucic also refuted claims that the Serbian government has sent a letter to the European Commission over the issue of the Trepca mining complex.

“They (the European Commission) are our partners. We want to be part of that society. We will speak to them first,” Vucic said.

It has been announced that a letter had been under preparation, but it has not been sent, Vucic explained, noting that he had not signed any correspondence to the EuropeanCommission over Trepca.

Belgrade’s Politika daily reported Tuesday the Serbian government had sent a letter to Brussels over the usurpation of Trepca.

(InfoSerbia, 11.10.2016)

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