Vučić: “Restaurants and bars must be reopened”

In his last night’s interview for the public broadcaster RTS, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, said that was not yet vaccinated, because there is a shortage of vaccines. Speaking about the anti-corona measures, he said that if the numbers of ill people and the death toll continued to rise, the current measures could be extended by a day or two, but restaurants and bars would have to reopen as soon as possible.

“We’re waiting for the next delivery of vaccines. I think I’m going to get vaccinated next week. We will have enough vaccines for ten days of inoculation. We will not stop until we re-vaccinate everyone who has received or is about to receive the first dose,” Vučić said.

He added that he expected the Russian vaccine to be delivered by the end of March and that one million doses of the new Chinese vaccines will arrive on April 1 or 2. Asked if the epidemiological measures will become stricter, he said he hoped not.

“The situation in central Serbia is dramatic. On the other hand, I see that the curve is flattening in Belgrade, and it is not bigger than yesterday and the day before yesterday,” Vučić added.

The President said that if the numbers continue to be bad, the measures could be extended by a day or two.

“I have good news for the musicians, about 3,000 of them. They will be getting financial support. We’ll have money for them, too. Unemployed will also get additional financial support. Pensioners will get 30 euro each in May and November, as will other citizens. That is 60 euro in total for pensioners and other citizens. Also, in September, pensioners will receive another 50 euro. Starting April 8, we will begin disbursing the minimum wage to 1,550,000 private sector workers; three minimum wages are provided for them. Then, we decided to provide financial aid to hoteliers – 350 euro per room or 150 euro per bed,” said Vučić.

(Nova, 18.03.2021)



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