Vučić promises €1 million to Serbian national football team if they come back victorious from Lisbon

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, yesterday promised the national football team one million euros as a reward for a possible victory over Portugal.

In reaction to the news, former Ombudsman and lawyer, Rodoljub Šabić, says that he does not understand the decision.

“I don’t understand this especially when we see that people in Serbia have been collecting money for medical treatment of sick children. I really don’t understand why he did promise so much to a top-notch, well-paid team of professionals. I’m not sure a similar precedent can be found elsewhere,” Šabić points out.

The fact that President Vučić promised the national team’s footballers a million euros as a reward for winning in Portugal makes economist Ljubomir Madžar think that ‘certainly a fairly important law has been broken because an individual cannot make such a decision, it has to go through a relevant state body, an institution. If it were money from his own pocket, he could have given them that.”

The Serbian footballers travelled to Lisbon on Friday, where they are due to play the final round of World Cup qualifying against Portugal, and were accompanied to the airport by the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić. Before leaving, he wished them good luck and informed them that, in agreement with the Serbian government, he would set aside one million euros for them as an additional prize in case they win.

(, 14.11.2021)


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