Vučić ousting people close to Nebojsa Stefanovic from the SNS

The chairman of the executive committee of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), Darko Glisic, has reportedly been ordered to have all municipal councils in Serbia declare within 15 days whether or not they are satisfied with the work done by their representatives.

This was one of the topics of the recent internal meeting of the Progressive Party, at which it was also allegedly ordered that all SNS members that are close to the current Defence Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic should be ousted from the party.

Following the meeting, there was also an announcement that “the party would undergo a certain renewal”, a term that officials have been using for years to indicate the replacement of unwanted people.

Darko Glisic has been instructed to inspect all SNS’ municipal councils, both in Belgrade and throughout Serbia. The council members have to declare within 15 days whether they are satisfied with the work of their local heads. Based on that, a decision will be made on whether to change them.

This is not the first, and probably will not be the last time, that the Progressives have announced the purging of ranks of unsuitable personnel. So far, such announcements have never materialized and mostly there have been no radical changes. The only time something changed was in May 2016, when people close to Tomislav Nikolić were ousted.

“Now something very similar will happen, and the people close to Nebojsa Stefanovic will be thrown out of the party,” an unidentified source told portal.

It was clear that the conflict between Vucic and Stefanovic has been escalating, particularly following the announcement that the SNS will merge with Sapic’s SPAS. This was a heavy blow for the SNS’ local council in Belgrade, which has been helmed by Stefanovic for years.

A member of the National Parliament from the SNS ranks, Vladimir Djukanovic, commented:

“The decision to merge SNS and Sapic’s SPAS is a strategically important one. Fresh blood and new energy are entering SNS, first of all its municipal council in Belgrade. These will be new people with a new approach and ideas. SNS party is showing that it is ready for change. Hats off to this move,” Djukanovic wrote on Facebook.

Apparently, the move that will take place in Belgrade will be applied to all cities in Serbia where SNS has local branches.

(Nova, 11.05.2021)



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