Vucic: “On Wednesday we are going to abolish the state of emergency; Thursday first day without curfew.”

“We are certainly going to abolish the state of emergency this week, while on Wednesday, we will propose the National Parliament to discuss the abolition of the state of emergency. There will be no more curfew probably as of Thursday,” said last night the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic during his guest appearance on a TV programme.

“Two conditions will have to be fulfilled to abolish the curfew,” Vucic said.

“The first is to have below 5% of infected persons for seven consecutive days, and a significant reduction in the number of patients on the respirators. We have entered the phase of economic recovery without endangering human health. Tomorrow, the Ministry of Defence will forward its opinion about the abolition of the state of emergency to the Government and the Prime Minister which will then be published in the Official Gazette. So, as of Thursday, we should no longer have a curfew,” Vucic said.

The President then added that he had no “problems” with the health experts.

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“We talk all the time. I’m not an epidemiologist, but we had no disagreements. We have always tried to find a compromise solution when making decisions. I am grateful to Dr Kon who has a good understanding of what running a state means. I understand the need for someone to imagine conflicts where there are none. Our job was to ensure enough protective equipment, respirators… That was our job. I think we did it very well,” Vucic added.

Unfortunately, the epidemic has brought serious economic consequences, but Serbia will be among the best countries in Europe, he said.

“You might be laughing, but I guarantee that we will have growth of more than 5%,” the President concluded.

(Blic, 03.05.2020)


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