Vucic officially opens an IMI production plant in Niska Banja

The Philippines-based company, IMI has opened an electronic automotive parts factory in Niska Banja, in the presence of the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

Over 33 million EUR has been invested in the plant which will produce electronic parts for automotive and IT industry in Europe and other countries where IMI has production plants and business partners.

The plant in Niska Banja spans 14,000 square metres and will employ 1,250 workers by 2027, including 500 engineers.

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The official opening was also attended by IMI CEO, Gilles Bernard, IMI Director in Nis, Radoslav Georgiev, Regional Director for EU Operations, Eric Serge de Candido, Mayor of Nis, Darko Bulatovic and other guests.

Nic will be a regional industrial centre

Vucic said that, by having the kind of factories that IMI has opened, Serbia in this way opened the door to the future and joined global trends. He also that he was proud of the fact that after two years of the construction, the work was finally done and that 74 people were already employed there, mainly from Niš and the surrounding area. The plan is to employ a total of 1,200 workers but that number could be higher.

“We will try to transform Nis into a regional industrial centre”, said the President of Serbia and expressed his gratitude to the people of Niš, who have been excellent hosts to foreign investors.

Vucic also told IMI’s management that they would always have the support of the state and local self-government, because, generating higher profit and having higher salaries and higher employment was in everybody’s best interest. He also added that IMI was an innovative company that needs highly educated people, which signals to the state that the education system had to be reformed to be in accordance with the latest trends.

South Serbia is waiting for a better future

“ I want to thank the workers here who have just started their work and those who would start soon as they represent our country and demonstrate that we are capable of accomplishing big things”, noted Vucic.

The factory in Nis was built in the Lozni Kalem industrial zone. IMI is a part of the world-renowned company Ayala and produces precision electronics for vehicles, known as EMS systems. It operates in eight countries and employs about 17,000 workers.

The Niska Banja facility is IMI’s 15th factory globally. The company was established in the Philippines in 1980 and the European branch was founded in 1997 in Bulgaria.

Unmanned driving systems

IMI’s CEO, Gilles Bernard, believes that the company will be a driving force behind new foreign investments in the field of advanced technologies in Serbia. Representatives of the company donated the first products from the IMI factory in Niska Banja, the remote garage door opener, to the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic and the mayor of Nis.

Bernard also says that the company produces new technologies and is also involved in manufacturing unmanned autonomous driving systems. He adds that IMI designs and manufactures electronic modules for the auto industry, but also aeronautics, and is present in 10 countries.

“IMI operates in Asia, Europe, North America, Australia, and South America and we really have conquered the whole world, and this is important for Serbia. In the past 10 years, our company recorded a huge growth, and last year we celebrated exceeding the revenue of one billion dollars. We will have an even higher growth this year, “said Bernard.

(Blic, 29.09.2018)


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