Vucic: Foreign hi-tech factory to be opened probably near Pancevo

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that, together with an important European investor, he would announce a major new investment in Serbia, the biggest technology plant in the country.

“The factory will employ a lot of engineers and other highly educated people who will be well-paid”, Vucic told TV Pink.

He added that the factory would be located near Belgrade or in Vojvodina (South Banat or Srem).

“I think that Pancevo and the area around Pancevo are an ideal place for the factory, and we are going to talk about it on Tuesday. I am very happy about this investment because it will show to Europe and the world that we can do the finest technology and not only manual work or work which does not require much know-how. This will change the position of Serbia on the map of the most important investment destinations in Europe. I am proud and happy about that, “Vucic added.

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Speaking about infrastructure projects, he said that the Obrenovac-Cacak road would be opened soon, while the entire southern segment of the Corridor 10 will be opened to traffic in ten days.

He added that representatives of the World Bank were coming on Tuesday. Vucic added that the newest report about Serbia, compiled by the World Bank, praises the reforms done so far and recommends which reforms should be done in the near future so the country can achieve a 7% economic growth rather than the projected 4%.

(Blic, 05.05.2019)


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