Vučić misuses children in his election campaign

The election campaign is heating up and the authorities are continuing with the practice of misusing children for political purposes.

Everyone is guilty of it – from the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, to the government ministers and even local politicians from the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS). All this is happening despite the fact that Serbia made a commitment in the 1990s not to use children for political purposes.

President Vučić repeated the same scenario of his birthday last year again this year, when he played host to Serbian children from the region, as seen on his Instagram profile Budućnostrbijeav.

In the midst of the election campaign, he presented the children with a birthday cake, took photos with them and sent political messages such as “you did not deserve and are not responsible for these difficult challenges,” and apologized “for the atmosphere of fear and concern due to food shortages.”

According to political analyst Cvjetin Milivojevic, the President’s birthday is “a classic misuse of children for political purposes,” which he warned about in the previous election campaign, when the SNS party’s election slogan was “For our children.” That slogan, Milivojevic recalls, was copied from the 1936 elections in Germany.

Kragujevac-based educator Boris Herman and a local official from the People’s Party points out that the President celebrating his birthday with children is a classic example of creating a personality cult. “In these photos, children are misused and used to glorify a man,” Herman said, adding that using children in election campaigns is a “bad practice” used worldwide.

Cvjetin Milivojevic recalls that political parties signed the UNICEF Code on the Prohibition of the Use of Children for Political Purposes in the 1990s, which is, among other things, prohibited by media laws. However, he adds very few parties adhere to this document.

(Nova, 09.03.2022)

Photo credits: Instagram/buducnostsrbijeav/Grad Kragujevac

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