Vucic meets with prestigious Übersee Club members in Hamburg

The Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has met with the members of the Übersee Club in Hamburg, one of the most prestigious business clubs in Europe. He spoke to the members about the economic reforms implemented by the Serbian government in the last two years, the arrangement with the IMF, the regional relations and Serbia’s path towards the EU membership.

“Although, we are proud of the results we have achieved in the last two years we still need to exercise caution with our public finances for another year or two. This is the first time in 17 years that we have recorded a budget surplus”, the PM pointed out.

The PM also talked about the Belgrade Waterfront, as one of “the biggest European investment projects” that could be likened to HafenCity in Hamburg.

“This is the biggest investment project that we have ever undertaken. For 70 years there has been talk in Belgrade about having a residential quarter on water, but nobody has ever done anything about it until now”, Vucic said and added that the Serbian government had accomplished a lot on building motorways and in implementing other infrastructure projects.

The PM also discussed Russia’s role in Serbia and said: “Our stance is clear. The EU membership is our strategic goal and I have reiterated this several times.”

Following the meeting, Vucic said that another topic of discussion was bringing a big automotive company to Serbia, an investment that would be worth several hundred million Euros and would be, by far, the biggest one Serbia had ever seen. This investment would create between 4,000 and 5,000 new jobs if realized. The prospective investor is not only engaged in automotive industry but also in production of railway ball bearings.

“We are going to do our best. We are going to fight for this investment. At the moment, our chances are at 20%. There are 13 countries competing and we are among the top five. Because of the confidentiality of the entire project, I am not allowed to reveal the name of the company but what I could tell you is that its owner is one of the wealthiest people in Germany”, the PM said.

The Übersee Club was founded in 1922 “as an association for the exchange of business and science at the initiative of the banker Max Warburg” and “from the very beginning, it was, above all, a meeting place of economy, politics and science, with the aim of international connectivity.” The Übersee club members “belong mainly to the banking-commercial-industrial elite of northern Germany.

(Blic, 31.10.2016)

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