Vucic: “It’s a false claim – my brother doesn’t own any land in Vojvodina”

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, denied yesterday that his brother Andrej owns land in Vojvodina and called on the media to show him the land that was allegedly purchased illegally by his brother.

“My brother doesn’t own a single hectare of land anywhere in Vojvodina. You have no proof, you are liars, ” Vucic accused certain politicians yesterday.

He also said that those politicians who make the accusations are only thinking about themselves and what they would do if they had the same opportunity and then project that onto “other normal and honest people who only want to see Serbia progress”.

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Jelisaveta Vasilic, a member of the Anti-Corruption Council, had previously stated that the Council was collecting documentation on the acquisition of certain factories in Vojvodina during which it was found out from various agricultural estates that most of the big land purchases went through Andrej Vucic.

“We haven’t documented it yet. The institutions refuse to collaborate and give us relevant documents, and that indicates that state authorities are not interested in combating corruption,” Vasilic told NIN weekly.

Vucic also stated that he never entered into any trade agreements with the President of Montenegro, Milo Djukanovic, as the Montenegrin official, Zdravko Krivokapić, allegedly claimed.

Vucic asked Krivokapic to provide evidence of his alleged cooperation with Djukanovic.

“Since there is not a single proof of this, he will have to admit that he has lied. He is not the first Montenegrin official to do so. Djukanovic also made quite a few false claims about Serbia’s role in Montenegro,” Vucic said.

Commenting on the accusations of Vucic collaborating with Djukanovic on the Belgrade Waterfront project, Vucic said he “never exchanged a single word on this matter” with the Montenegrin President.

“Milo (Djukanovic), who knows Belgrade well, barely knows where the Belgrade Waterfront is located. The funniest thing is that, in the previous 15-20 days, Milo accused me of overthrowing him, his opponents of helping him, and today they claim that I just wanted to weaken Djukanovic’s position, but not overthrow him. I have never heard so many contradictions told by the same people”, concluded the Serbian President.

(Danas, 24.09.2020)

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