“Vučić is fear mongering only to later emerge as a saviour”

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić almost simultaneously announces difficult times ahead of Serbia and the rest of the world and huge projects like EXPO 2027, as well as that the average salary and pension in Serbia will be 1,400 and 650 euros respectively.

Political and economic commentators believe that this fear-mongering on Vučić’s part is part of the election campaign.

In a recent TV appearance, Vučić stated that in the next three weeks, apart from the EXPO special exhibition and the country’s economic development, the government would focus on three more topics important for Serbia – food, medication and AI development. In one breath, he also likened the period ahead as “more difficult than the one the country experienced in the Second World War”.

Vučić remained vague about what exactly would cause such a hardship – is it the imminent shortage of food or medications?

However, simultaneously with the announcement of difficult times ahead, Vučić and other civil servants have been constantly repeating how the government would spend 18 billion euros on organizing EXPO and all accompanying projects, that Serbia would soon have flying taxes and that the average salary in the country would jump to 1,400 euros.

Economist Danilo Šuković says that Vučić is giving out contradictory information.  “He says what he thinks will boost his ratings and ensure his survival in power. Whether anything he says is based on real facts is of no consequence to him,” he points out and asks: “How are we going to expect higher wages and pensions if we don’t are struggling with food and medication supply?” It is unfortunate, he adds, that we hear such information from no other but the state’s president.

“This is a sad picture of Serbia. When the president of a country speaks, the information that he provides must be based in science, knowledge, morality, consistency and authority, and Vučić displays none of that”, Šuković adds.

Šuković indicates that this is a form of voter intimidation.

“There won’t be food, there won’t be medicine, there won’t be anything if I don’t step in and provide it… As long as I am in power, you will have enough of everything. If you elect the opposition, nothing is possible; if you elect me, everything is possible. This simplified logic is unfortunately welcome in most of Serbia,” he underlines.

“He claims that salaries and pensions will go up significantly. It will take us approximately 200 years to reach a European average at the current rate. Just look at what you could buy in Serbia for 1 euro ten years ago and what you can buy today,” Šuković points out.

Professor Božo Drašković believes that investing so much money in the EXPO and the construction of the National Stadium is unacceptable from an economic point of view.

“The costs of these projects have been changed many times, as well as the structure of the projects. Decisions are made lightly, without considering costs and who will pay for them,” Drašković adds.

He adds that global risks exist, but such topics must be approached responsibly. “We can discuss the risks of international conflicts in Europe and beyond, but that should be left to experts and be devoid of euphoric performance. Vučić’s performance serves only to intimidate people”, says Drašković.

“Vučić’s statements serve one purpose only and that is to cause fear among people so that he can emerge as a saviour”, says Jovan Tamburić, a military trade union president.

(Danas, 30.05.2024)


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