Vucic: “If we didn’t get at least 48.2% of the vote, I would consider it our loss”

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said yesterday that he would call elections on his return from Washington and that it is certain that the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) will be on a joint list with Rasim Ljajic’s Serbian Social Democratic Party and the United Pensioners Party of Serbia (PUPS) led by Milan Krkobabic.

Vucic also said he would set the election date at the beginning of March, but not for his birthday, March 5 or March 4 (the date of Stalin’s death), for fear that political opponents would insinuate a connection between the two.

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He underlined that, by participating in the election together with the pensioners’ party, PUPS he wants to send a message to the pensioners who have contributed a lot to the reforms, while for Ljajic he said that he is “an honest man, popular in both Belgrade and Novi Pazar” and that the choice to participate together with his party in the election sends a “message of decency, normality and communion with the Bosniaks”.

“If we didn’t get at least 48.2% of the vote, I would consider it our loss,” said Vucic when asked what kind of election results he expected from his coalition, adding that if all other parties will have one more vote than the SNS coalition, they will “destroy Serbia” in six months.

Vucic also said that the electoral lists compiled by the SNS will have “58% of new people and about 60% new candidates among mayors and local administrators”.

(Nedeljnik, 24.02.2020)

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