Vucic: “If the situation with the coronavirus epidemic worsens, elections won’t be priority”

Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic said on Monday that the forthcoming June 21 “elections wouldn’t be the main issue,” if the country faced problems with the coronavirus and the rise in the number of infected.

“The elections won’t be postponed if the situation is under control. But if there are problems with a growing number of people infected which we cannot control, the people’s health will be the priority. The state will react with readiness and responsibility in protecting the people’s lives,” Vucic told reporters while touring the construction site of a new building of Serbia’s Clinical Centre.

Though mentioning the possibility of postponing the election for the first time, Vucic said he dismissed such demands from “those people who, during the pandemic and the curfew, organised protests outside the Presidency building and in the Vracar municipality.”

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Vucic added that the Constitution and laws were clear about the election and the date when they should be held.

“The elections are already two-three months late. We have gone beyond all allowed deadlines. I don’t understand how someone advocates that we should delay the election further? Croatia, for instance, opted for an early vote and will hold it almost at the same time as we will,” Vucic said.

Commenting on Serbian army being sent to Sid to allegedly protect the local population against migrants and the media saying that that was part of SNS’ election campaign, Vucic said that for his opponents any move is a political campaign.

“I try to show as little as possible of what I do during the campaign. But it’s hard to explain to people that you have to work every day to get results”; he concluded.

(, 18.05.2020)

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