Vucic: “If necessary, the state will help Fiat with other subsidies”.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said yesterday that he expected important news from Fiat soon, the news that would have an important bearing on the residents of Kragujevac, and reiterated that Fiat could count on the support of the Serbian government.

“Everyone in Kragujevac is following the news about Fiat’s new merger with the world’s leading companies, and we expect important news for residents of Kragujevac and our country as a whole in the near future,” said Vucic and added:”One thing all Fiat workers in Kragujevac can count on is further assistance or support from the Serbian state for Fiat’s survival, should it be necessary.”

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“Of course, the decision lies in the hands of the Italian owner, but if it depends on the amount of state aid or subsidies, you can count on the maximum assistance of our country,” concluded Vucic.

(Kurir, 28.11.2019)


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