Vucic: I won’t be SNS president after June 2020

From June 2020 onward, the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) will have new leadership, party leader and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Sunday, adding that he will not be a candidate for party leader again.

“They pressured me, but my decision was not to run for the leader of the SNS,” Vucic said after the session of his party’s leadership, adding that this does not mean that the position will be filled by someone whom the opposition can “beat more easily.”

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He underlined that he will not allow for the SNS to become a party of ‘local strongmen’ and that he will propose leadership “which will be capable of facing the coming challenges and the many difficult issues” the country will have to face.

“I am sure that I will convince the majority to accept my proposal,” Vucic said.

“Young people will be on all SNS electoral lists,” he said, adding that the intention is for them to “replace those who got a bit tired and those who intended to be big bosses.”

The new leadership will be elected after the elections because, as claimed, the party wants to participate in the elections “without all the ferocity caused by the different positions within the party”.

Drastic changes”

Vucic also said that there will be “drastic changes” in the party assembly because there is a need for the emerging and enthusiastic people to replace “big bosses”, who have created clans.

“I believe I will still be president, at least until June 28, and I will be responsible for everything,” noted the SNS leader, reiterating that there will be drastic changes in the provincial and national electoral lists.

(RTS,  29.12.2019)



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