Vucic: “I spoke with Sem Fabrizi to ban the import of Euro 3 vehicles in Serbia”

“I spoke with Sem Fabrizi (head of the EU delegation to Serbia) about launching a new green plan and ban the import of cars with Euro 3 engine in Serbia,” said Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic on RTS TV last night.

“How is it possible that there is a lot of pollution and we don’t have a huge industry? We are getting wealthier, which is good, but people are buying more and more cars, hence there is a higher quantity of exhaust gases. That’s why today I spoke with Sem Fabrizi about banning the import of vehicles with Euro 3 engines in our country. We’ll see what else we can do to protect the air in our cities,” said Vucic last night, appearing on the RTS’s Upitnik programme.

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Last year, 141,602 used vehicles were imported into Serbia, half of them having Euro 3 engine or were older than 14 years. These are the cars that the European Union practically treats like scrap metal because of the pollution they produce and environmental protection regulations.

(Vecernje Novosti, 05.11.2019)


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