Vučić: I asked the Quint representatives to prevent Kurti from provoking a war in the Balkans

In a conversation with representatives of the EU and Quint countries, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, , asked them to do everything in their power to prevent Albin Kurti from starting a new war in the Balkans.

Vučić met with the head of the European Union delegation in Serbia, Emanuel Giaufret, as well as with the ambassadors of Germany, France and Italy, Anke Konrad, Pierre Cochard and Luca Gori, respectively.

The meeting comes after the tensions between Kosovo police and Serbs continue and after Kosovo authorities issued a warning to their citizens not to travel to Serbia due to a “tense security situation” and following the arrest of three members of the Kosovo police.

The warning followed the arrest of three members of the Kosovo police, who have entered central Serbia with weapons and other equipment, while Pristina claims that they are members of the border police unit and that Serbian forces entered the territory of Kosovo and kidnapped them.

(B92, Danas, 15.06.2023)

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