Vucic: “I am not interested in talking to the opposition”

Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic said his country would be exposed to “all possible pressures, campaigns and untruths” regarding Kosovo.

„It’s important to understand the gravity of the position we are in, particularly after the US administration change. We can expect concentrated pressure by the EU and US on Serbia to meet the demands that Washington bluntly says should be Kosovo’s recognition. The EU uses a bit different vocabulary but with the same aim,“ Vucic said after his ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) Presidency’s meeting late on Tuesday.

He added there would also be attempts to abolish the political powers of Republika Srpska, the Serb-dominated entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

„When you add the whole regional context in which it is not easy to preserve Serbia’s position as the economically fastest-growing country… Everyone else will try to describe Serbia as a hegemon,“ Vucic said.

He added the SNS Presidency also discussed the announced visit by Miroslav Lajčák, the EU envoy for the Belgrade – Pristina dialogue on the normalisation of relations, saying that the party’s body debated about what Serbia could do, what it wanted „and what we don’t even think about.“

 Speaking about the inter-party dialogue, i.e. talks between the government and the opposition, Vučić said that he is not interested in participating in the negotiations.

“I am not interested in the talks personally. More of my people will participate and have the opportunity to talk about it,” he concluded.

(Nova, 23.02.2021)



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