Vucic: Higher subsidies for processing industry

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic visited the meat processing factory Srem Sid, which is seen as an example of a successful privatization of a company that was bankrupt. Thanks to the new Free Trade Agreement with Turkey, the company now has access to the Turkish market too.

Vucic visited the factory together with Agriculture Minister, Branislav Nedimovic, and announced that subsidies for processing plants would be increased, adding that the country’s processing industry was very important, particularly the one that relates to meat, fruits and vegetables.

“What is important to mention is that we are going to provide bigger subsidies for processing plants and the official decision about this will be made soon”, Vucic told reporters in Sid.

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“The price of beef has jumped by 40 to 50 euro cents per kilo,” the president said, assessing it as a great opportunity for Serbian farmers.

He also said that the Ministry of Agriculture already foresees more subsidies for cattle in the next budget, and that the goal is, in the next five years, to raise the number of heads of cattle to the 1989 level when there were about two million heads.

“Today, we have about a million heads, and the contracts with Turkey are a huge opportunity to increase this number. This year, we will deliver 5,000 tons of beef to Turkey,” the president said, adding that Serbia and Turkey would be agreeing on the export quota of 10,000 tons of beef.

Representative of Turkey’s ETCII Halal Meat Company, Jelal Naz, announced that the company planned to import up to 6,000 tons of beef from Serbia this year and 10,000 next year.

“Now, we are cooperating seamlessly and we are very satisfied with the quality of meat from Serbia. We are a big company, we operate in various countries and we always encourage development of cattle breeding in countries we do business with,” Naz said.

As far as the price of Serbian beef exported to Turkey goes, before it was 1.9 euro per kilogram, and now it stands at 2.45 euro. So far, the meat of 3.000 heads of cattle have been processed in Srem Sid and exported to Turkey is worth about 3.5 million euro.

The company invested in its abattoir, the adaptation and reconstruction of the complete facility with infrastructure, a beef cutting and processing line and a packaging line.

(RTS, 09.08.2018)

Photo credits: Tanjug

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