Vucic has decided: Brnabic designated as premier, Europride canceled

The President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic has proposed to Parliament the outgoing premier Ana Brnabic as in charge of the formation of the new government. He added that the Mayor of Novi Sad, Milos Vucevic, will have a very important role in the new government, just as Ivica Dacic will have two roles, one of which will the coordination of the security services.

Vucic also informed that there will be no restrictions on the supply of electricity, even if the situation remains serious. With regard to Kosovo, the President informed that there is no news regarding the car license plate issue, however, he hopes that the European Union will undertake the issue to find an agreement on personal identity documents.

The Europride will not be held in September: it is not known whether it will be postponed or canceled, in agreement with the majority of the outgoing government and the Prime Minister. Vucic said he was not happy with this decision, that the rights of minorities are being questioned, but that this conclusion was reached due to the pressure of multiple problems: “At this stage, we have the theme of the” Open Balkans” and of the heavy crisis in Kosovo and Metohija that certainly will not be resolved on the first of September “, said Vucic, who added that he is well aware that many people sincerely consider the issue “a great sin “, and yet the cancellation brings into play the rights of a minority because the country is pressured by other problems.

While no agreement has yet been reached on the number plates of vehicles circulating in Kosovo, “We are ready to issue a general ‘notice’ in which it would be written that the use of identity cards issued by Pristina is allowed only for practical reasons, because of freedom of movement, and not as recognition of Kosovo’s unilaterally declared independence, it does not prejudice the determination of Kosovo’s final status and cannot be interpreted as a deviation from UN Security Council Resolution 1244” Vučić said. To this end, the European Union is expected to issue guarantees that any Serb living in Liposavica or Gracanica can enter and leave without problems, without the obligation to show documents issued by Pristina.

“Electricity at controlled prices”

“Serbian citizens pay 41 euros per megawatt hour for electricity while the cost of production is 57 euros per megawatt hour. We consume much more energy than we produce. This situation costs us 20 million euros per day, or 600 million euros per month. At current prices, if the situation continues like this, we would need 8 billion euros annually, this situation is not only unsustainable in the region, but it would also be in France. This means bankruptcy. The catastrophe of Europe will follow “. Vucic said. “However, I would like to communicate to citizens that there will be no restrictions on the supply of electricity. We consume 3.2 billion cubic meters of gas per year, of which 2 billion come to us from Russia at a price of 400 euros per 1000 cubic meters. This is a fantastic price. But we have to buy the other billion and 200 million cubic meters on the free market, which today has reached 4000 euros per 1000 cubic meters. This would imply a cost of 4.8 billion euros. Luckily we started storing gas since May, otherwise we would be bankrupt “.

“There will be many changes in the government “

There will be many changes in the government and for Ana Brnabic there will be very difficult tasks. Vucic said she expects the list of ministers within 20 days. “This is our agreement and there is no bargaining, disagreement or problem between us. In this period we have become friends and we know what we do and what it takes for the stability of the State. I have the utmost confidence in Ana Brnabic and I decided to choose her when a deputy said in Parliament that Ana is satanized, maybe because they are the ones who are satanized, the worst in Serbia who criticize a woman who has done an extraordinary job”.

“I believe that we will have to face a very difficult period and that it will lead to a restructuring of the political framework, with the moderates of the center, right and left that will regroup and on the other hand the irresponsible far-right, who have formed the patriotic bloc, together with those on the left, including the liberals, those who would damage the state in five minutes”.

“Vucecic vice president of the government, two important functions for Dacic”

“Milos Vucevic will have a very important role in the government, in addition to holding the role of vice president of the council of ministers, while Ivica Dacic will hold an important ministry, the position of deputy prime minister as well as coordinating the security services. This shows the confidence I have in Ana Brnabic, Milos Vucevic and Ivica Dacic ”.

“Of course, Sinisa Mali, of whom I have enormous confidence, will also be vice president of the government”.

Brnabic will not lead the government for four years

Brnabic will not lead the government for the entire legislature as it has been agreed that there will be a change in 2024. “It is very important that a person with experience is in charge according to the difficulties we will have to face and solve in the autumn and winter. ”, Specified Vucic.



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