Vucic: “Government will be formed before constitutional deadline”

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, said that the new government will be formed before the constitutional deadline, adding that the elections have never been more democratic and that the media have never been more favourable to opposition parties than in this latest round of elections.

“Have I thought of who is going to be the next Prime Minister? I haven’t spoken to anyone, because that would mean that I have already made a decision,” said Vučić and underlined that the new Prime Minister should be “energetic, hard-working and combative. Ana Brnabić was a great Prime Minister”.

Vučić said that the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) will talk to both Ivica Dačić and Aleksandar Šapić’s parties regarding the position of the prime minister.

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The President continued that he “does not have to justify himself because of the excellent election result” and that he “will fight next time to make this result even better. The elections have never been more democratic, we have not said a single word against the opposition,” he noted.

Commenting on the Interior Minister Nebojša Stefanović not being present at the party that the SNS threw to celebrate election results, the President said that Stefanović was there but “arrived later” and that he will certainly count on him. Vučić, however, did not say anything about Stefanović remaining the Interior Minister in the new government cabinet.

Vučić then said that without a compromise solution on the Kosovo issue, the country’s European path will be completely blocked.

“It is important to set the goal in terms of expediting our EU integration process, and this would be impossible without a compromise solution to the Kosovo problem. Anyone who says otherwise is lying,” Vučić added.

He does not see a solution to the Kosovo problem at the moment.

“We will try to protect national interests and do everything we can for the people of Kosovo, but we will not to be blamed for the lack of dialogue,” said Vučić.

Speaking about the reforms needed for Serbia to become an EU member, Vučić said that Serbia could make progress in the segment of justice, assessing that Serbia “can change a lot in various areas regarding the rule of law”.

(N1, 02.07.2020)

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