Vucic gets a “yellow card” from Putin

Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic is still not invited to Putin’s inauguration on 7th May, which is the first figurative “yellow card” for official Belgrade – writes Zagreb-based daily, Jutarnji.

According to the daily, Vucic will attend the inauguration of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, but will be in Ankara on that day with the Turkish President Erdogan.

The daily also reports that the President of the Republic of Srpska, Milorad Dodik is invited to the inauguration.

“The tradition is to invite only the leaders of the closest post-Soviet states to the inauguration of Russian presidents. Since Milorad Dodik has been pushing his way into this group for a long time, the invitation for inauguration did not come as a surprise, but what is surprising is that Aleksandar Vucic has not received it. The Serbian media, therefore, speculate that Vucic was not invited because the Russians are disturbed by his good relations with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, with whom he met a few times in the past months, and that Vucic sees Germany an important Serbian ally,” the Zagreb daily writes.

As one of the reasons for not being invited, the Croatian daily cites the pressure that the Kremlin has been putting on the Serbian leadership to finally resolve the status of the Russian base in Nis, which is something that Vucic has been postponing.

The daily also states that Russia wants the Serbian president to have a more defined stance towards the West and Russia, and that it is not possible to “sit on two chairs”. The inauguration of the Russian President Vladimir Putin will take place on 7th May in Moscow. At the Russian presidential election on 18th March, Putin won 79% of the vote.

(Danas, 28.04.2018)


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