Vučić: ‘Gas crisis could last 2 years’

Last night, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, commented on the gas crisis, which he said is now the most important issue in Europe. “There is nothing to talk about except energy. There are three most important issues for the future: energy, water and food,” he added.

He also stated that there are five reasons why the crisis has occurred. “Special carbon taxes on energy that does not come from renewable sources were introduced too early. Then, for the second year in a row, European countries are experiencing an economic crisis, supplying businesses with cheap gas but not replenishing storage facilities. Thirdly, long-term gas supply agreements with Russia have not been concluded, and there are political reasons for this. In the end, no one wants to admit that it was a mistake of giving up coal. The gas crisis will last at least for the next six months and quite possibly at least two years,” Vučić added.

“The gas crisis will lead to higher prices. Here, in Serbia, we won’t be affected as much and we have our Russian partners to thank for that. The price of the gas we import is still the lowest in Europe, even though the prices of food and building materials are going up everywhere in Europe,” he added.

Furthermore, Vučić says that Russia has given Serbia their best price for natural gas, adding that both “Lavrov and Borisov also confirmed that they would appeal with President Putin for Serbia to continue having the best gas price.”  

(Blic, 11.10.2021)

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