Vucic: Fiat’s export to EEU has psychological and symbolic value

Following his official visit to Kazakhstan, Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said that he expected the Asian country to become even more cooperative in terms of the Eurasian Union’s inclination towards Serbia, with the issue of Fiat’s export taking the central stage because it had the both psychological and symbolic value for Serbia.

“Without putting money into the equation, I would say that the issue of Fiat’s export (to the countries of the Eurasian Union) has both the psychological and symbolic importance for us because I am confident that our Italian friends would make a much quicker decision to start producing another model in their Kragujevac factory if they knew that they could export their vehicles to the Eurasian market”, the PM said for the Radio & Television of Serbia (RTS).

According to Vucic, there are several issues that should be considered including how many of the vehicle parts could be considered as made in Serbia, and what is the level of Serbia’s participation in all of this.

Vucic also said that he was confident that the issue of exporting Serbian dairy products to the Eurasian markets would also be resolved. Furthermore, he underlined that Serbia was the only country in Europe not to impose sanctions on the Russian Federation, adding that Serbia has to maintain its independence and sovereignty without being obsequious towards any country.

(Tanjug, 16.11.2016)

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