Vučić expects new government to be formed by March 15th

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said he expects the new Serbian government to be formed by March 15.

Following the Western Balkans – European Union (EU) Summit in Skopje, North Macedonia, Vučić told the media that the constitutive session of the new Serbian Parliament can be expected starting February 1.

“We have to react quickly and pass many legal norms related to the EXPO and the plan we presented two days ago. That is of vital importance for us,” said Vucic.

Asked to comment on the opposition’s request for an international observation mission to be sent to Serbia over election irregularities, Vucic said the December 17 elections were “the cleanest, with the fewest complaints” since the introduction of the multi-party system.

“Serbia is a sovereign country and these were the cleanest elections since the introduction of the multi-party system, with the fewest complaints. I don’t care to be a babysitter and midwife for those losing elections for the tenth or fifteenth time so they have to themselves to their voters. And as improvements to the electoral process, I am always prepared to talk about that,” said Vucic.

Commenting on the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly’s report on the Serbian December 17 elections, Vucic said there were far more positive things in it, and that the state was commended for its conduct on Election Day and throughout the electoral process.

(Radio Free Europe, 22.01.2024)




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