Vucic: “Elections will not be held on May 3rd.”

The parliamentary election will not be held on 3 May, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said last night, underlining that the electoral deadline will be the one in accordance with the Constitution.

“There will be elections, but not on May 3. It’s my fault that I promised to move the election date, but that mistake will never happen again. There will be elections when the law prescribes it. The law has the final say, not Tanja Fajon and Milan Antonijevic. I apologize to the citizens of Serbia for having to endure the political scene for one more month,” Vucic said on the TV programme “Hit Tvit”.

The two other guests of Hit Tvit were journalist Ljiljana Smajlovic and the director of the Open Society Foundation in Serbia, Milan Antonijevic.

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Vucic said that Milan Antonijevic has granted himself permission to review the exclusive constitutional jurisdiction of the President of the Republic and to set a date for the holding of elections.

“They are pushing for electoral deadlines and they know that people will not vote for them anyway,” said Vucic, adding that the postponement of the elections to coincide with the deadline that the Constitution stipulates is the result of an inter-party dialogue mediated by the European Parliament and supported by Antonijevic.

Vucic said that everything is clear to the people, adding that he did not agree with Milan Antonijevic and Ljiljana Smajlovic, who said she believed that Antonijevic tried to help the electoral process.

(Blic, 12.01.2020)



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