Vucic: Elections in late March or early April 2020, the toughest elections yet

President of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), Aleksandar Vucic, said today that the parliamentary elections will be held by the end of March or beginning of April next year and that they will be “the hardest” elections ever because “many want Serbia to no longer be a sovereign, independent country “while others “want to continue stealing from the country even more.”

Addressing the members of the SNS Central Board in Belgrade, Vucic called on the SNS officials to prepare for the elections during the summer and to “keep telling the truth regarding the problems with Kosovo and Metohija, Montenegro, our foreign policy” to citizens.

“I want you to talk to people, and you shouldn’t find difficult to talk to them either. Do not say that we did something that we did not do, do not deceive them, but tell them the truth,” the SNS president said and announced that he would visit in the next three weeks all local SNS branches in Belgrade.

Vucic also criticized certain SNS officials saying that “they spent more energy on each other’s affairs and quarrels” than on dealing with the party’s political opponents.

He announced that there would be staff changes in local governments where the SNS is in power, as well as on candidate lists for local and parliamentary elections.

Vucic also said that certain local SNS officials would “voluntarily” leave their positions, stating that it was “natural” that there were fluctuations within the party and for new people to come in.  

“I suggest that we go with a substantial number of new, young people who will have the desire, passion and energy to show how much they love their villages, cities and the country and how much they are able to fight for Serbia,” Vucic concluded.

(Novi Magazin, 17.06.2019)



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