Vucic: Elections in June this year or in spring next year

After yesterday’s session, the leadership the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) has approved the potential calling for early parliamentary elections in June, said country’s president Aleksandar Vucic after several months of anti-government protests.

“The SNS Committee has unanimously approved the calling of snap elections in June, with one vote against – mine,” Vucic said.

The 30-member Main Committee of SNS also has entrusted Vucic with the launch of negotiations with potential coalition partners, excluding the opposition Alliance for Serbia and its leaders Dragan Djilas, Vuk Jeremic and Bosko Obradovic.

“We must not be drawn into political violence, into which our political opponents along with fascist Bosko Obradovic are trying to pull us in,” Vucic said. 

“I will not accept any of their requests. What remains if for them to kill me. What is the third solution? There is no third option,” he said. 

The decision is not final but it brings Serbia closer to a snap vote than ever before, Vucic added.

Serbia is set to hold regular parliamentary elections in spring of next year.

Boban Stojanovic, from the Faculty of Political Sciences, says that it was expected that Vucic was not clear about calling snap elections because that „is the way he communicates and the way he prepares the public for the decision“.

Stojanovic thinks that there won’t be a snap election, due to the announced boycott of the opposition bloc.

“I do not think Vucic will benefit from calling an election in June, considering that the majority of the opposition parties would not participate and which would create many problems for him. Plus, there are protests going on in more than 100 towns in Serbia. It will be hard for him to demonstrate to the international stakeholder that has absolute legitimacy and that these elections are truly elections that the European Union should support,” Stojanovic estimates.

Vucic announced that he will be in Belgrade on the April 19, continuing “The Future of Serbia” campaign, and then go to Cacak. 

(Radio Slobodna Evropa, 26.03.2019)



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