Vucic: Elections in 2020

Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic said in Kazakhstan on Wednesday that the elections in Serbia would be held in 2020 and that he hoped no one thought of taking the power by force.

He was referring to the statements by Sinisa Kovacevic who said he expected that “Belgrade regime would change soon”.

“Elections are will be held in 2020. I hope that no one thinks that they can use violence to take power. We will have local elections first”, Vucic told reporters in Astana and added: “Kovacevic is a bit confused and he does not understand what who exactly had been oppressing people here. I did not succumb to the pressures from my own party and from abroad”.

Commenting on a survey showing that 44 percent of people in Serbia were against the demarcation deal with Kosovo, Vucic said that one should always bear in mind what impact the changes in the world had in this part of the world.

“We have wonderful relations with Russia and China, but what does all of that have to do with Kacanik? What are we going to do when our people get attached in north Kosovo”, asked Vucic.

“I do not usually comment on surveys but what does it exactly mean that 44 percent of people are against the demarcation? Does that mean that 44 per cent are for independent Kosovo and Metohija as a whole. There are certainly between 8 and 12 per cent of citizens who want that anyway”, Vucic added.

“Most of the people in my party thinks that we should not negotiate (about Kosovo) and that some solution will turn up unexpectedly, as if it is God’s will. We understand the will of our citizens very well” , Vucic said and added that people are often against something that they do not understand.

Regarding the European Parliament possibly discussing the demarcation, Vucic said that the EP can pass any resolution they see fit, but it is Serbia’s job to protect its interests.

“I don’t know what the demarcation has to do with them (the European Parliament). It has to do more with everyone in the world, but least with the Serbs and Albanians obviously, because nobody is asking them. That has nothing to do with the reality. Look what is happening in Pristina and the world. Tough times are ahead of many superpowers because of their internal problems”, Vucic concluded.

Commenting on the recent results of the elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Serbian President said that Serbia would continue cooperating with Bosnia and Herzegovina, while expecting their electoral will.

“The members of the Bosnia and Herzegovina presidency were elected in line with the voters’ will and we are going to respect that”, the president said.

Vučić: Izbori su 2020. nadam se da niko ne misli da će nasiljem da uzme vlast

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