Vučić declares all around victory – What now?

By Filip Švarm

Editor-in-chief of Vreme weekly

If Aleksandar Vučić is to be believed, together with Branimir Nestorović, he is the happiest man in Belgrade.

As he hinted, the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) will form a government in Belgrade with the Socialists and a doctor/an anti-vaxxer icon with the latter having surprisingly good election results. If anyone believes these three will now move on to negotiations to form a coalition, they are mistaken. In all likelihood, everything has already been agreed.

When it comes to the parties that make up Serbia against Violence coalition, according to Vučić, they are where most analysts found them. NADA achieved the same results as predicted in public opinion polls, while Dveri and Zavetnici are struggling to reach the election threshold. However, even if they manage to pass the threshold, it will not change the distribution of seats in the Belgrade Assembly much.

If Vučić’s results hold, it would be realistic to claim that the democratic and pro-European opposition has experienced a fiasco despite its relative success. More or less, it remains where it was before the election.

Right-wing parties experienced an even bigger debacle. They were powerless against Nestorović although they share the same electorate.

What will the democratic opposition do now and how will it proceed? How much will MPs in the National and Belgrade assemblies be worth? If Vučić’s figures are correct, they have been defeated once again. This would have happened to them who knows how many times if they had failed to significantly expand their electorate, or meet the expectations of their voters.

However, the Serbia against Violence coalition refuses to accept the results presented by the SNS. In addition to accusations of election fraud, they will lodge complaints with both the state and Belgrade electoral commission but also file criminal charges.  Will it be worth it to them? And what will they do if they are faced with a wall in state authorities (that were supposed to deal with these complaints)?

The democratic opposition is now calling for wide civil protests. Is Serbia entering another political crisis or is the current generation of opposition politicians starting their swan song?

(Vreme, 18.12.2023)

Photo credits: Tanjug

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