Vucic: Decision on elections to be made soon

Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic said that the decision about elections, the Belgrade ones and possibly the parliamentary ones, would be made next Saturday.

“We are going to reveal our decision about elections very quickly, probably next Saturday, when the top officials of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) will have a meeting. I am quite aware that we could lose in Belgrade elections. However, this does not mean that I am unhappy with the results of our party, and that we will not fight to get the best election result possible in Belgrade”, Vucic said in an interview for the Alo daily.

When asked to comment the fact that Serbia, yet again, is lodged between superpowers and their interests, Vucic said: “People in Serbia know that the atmosphere in which we operate our foreign and internal policies is definitely not easy or simple. The pressures that we feel from all sides come from the people who are working in the best interests of their own countries, rather than out of fondness for Serbia”.

Deputy PM and another top SNS official, Zorana Mihajlovic said that there were two possible reasons for elections, adding that she was not afraid of SNS doing badly at Belgrade elections.

“When you look at the National Parliament and what is happening there, you can clearly see that it is various opposition parties that want to see elections happening. The second reason is to gauge how much are both Vucic and SNS ‘worth’, so to speak, and how much are Ivica Dacic and smaller political parties worth. I have nothing against these small parties, but it seems that their voice in the Parliament is louder and bigger than their actual political power”, Mihajlovic said.

(Vesti Online, B92, 12.11.2017)



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