Vucic: Dangerous climate of tension in Western Balkans

The tensions that have returned to the Western Balkans are at the most dangerous level since the end of the wars of the 1990s, Serbian PM Aleksandar Vucic has told Italy’s La Repubblica, noting that he had been warning German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Italian PM Matteo Renzi and other European officials of this for months.

Vucic is sending clear warnings two days after the Bosnian Serb referendum, the Rome-based daily said.

The tensions are provoked by all those who speak in favour of EU integration and then wait for any opportunity to set traps for their neighbours, Vucic said.

The Bosnian Serbs say they are pro-EU while speaking the worst about the Bosniaks, who say “we are big, the Bosnian Serbs are stupid,” Vucic noted.

Let us stop those hostilities in the name of the future – there is more hatred amongst us than there was 21 years ago, he said.

(InfoSerbia, 27.09.2016)

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