Vučić: Plan is to cut payroll tax on salaries over 70,000 dinars

Serbian Prime Minister said that the government’s intention was to stimulate those companies that pay out higher salaries and reduce payroll tax.

At a conference dedicated to countering shadow economy, Vucic said that the government plans to stimulate those companies that pay out salaries of 70,000 Dinars and over, instead of those that pay minimum wage and a portion of salaries in cash, by reducing payroll tax.

He also warned that critics would probably complain that the government was taking it out on small companies, and added that it was exactly that the proprietors of those companies were the ones driving luxury cars while failing to pay full payroll tax.

The Prime Minister added that the government’s plan was also to reduce income tax as an incentive for both domestic and foreign investors, and that that could happen in May or June next year.

Vucic also underlined that, although the media had been constantly reporting about frequent price hikes, the annual inflation rate was 1%.

He went on to say that the general goal was to keep the finances stable and boost economy, as well as reducing the unemployment rate to 11% or 11.5% by the end of the current government’s term.

(eKapija, Blic, 25.12.2016)

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